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Learning Difficulties Newcastle

Did you know that some people with Irlen Syndrome suffer from anxiety and/or depression. I even see some “little people” who have been diagnosed with anxiety and depression. That is sad. Whether this is a direct result from their Irlen syndrome or a combination of this along with other experiences, I cannot say. I know that some of the “littlies” who come along to the clinic, are actually phobic about reading. I have had some who cry when it comes time to read, and often it is because they have been in trouble (at least in their eyes) for making mistakes when reading. Some get anxious when they have to read to the teacher, and this can cause them to make more mistakes than they might otherwise make. I wish I could make the teachers see the effect that they have on some of these kids, and help them to understand why they have trouble reading, and that it is not that they are incapable of reading, it is just that they cannot “see” the words clearly and without distortions. Of course, the kids don’t tell anyone about what the words look like, because they think that everyone “sees” the words as they do. So if your child is seeming to make silly mistakes when reading to you, or if you tell them a word on one page and then they don’t recognise it when they see it on the next page, consider Irlen Syndrome and get them assessed instead of “bashing your head against a brick wall” and getting frustrated continually, and causing your child to experience stress, which can be expressed as anger or frustration or even refusal to read.

Learning Difficulties Newcastle - Dyslexia & Irlen Syndrome - Irlen Diagnostic Clinic
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