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Brain Activity & Irlen

Irlen Syndrome Causes An Overstimulation Of Our Visual Pathways

ADD/ADHD Or Irlen Syndrome?

There is a large overlap between the symptoms of ADD/ADHD and Irlen Syndrome. Many people who are suffering from Irlen Syndrome can be mislabelled as ADD/ADHD due to the similarity in observed behaviour between these two conditions. These observations include looking away from the page and daydreaming (“inattentiveness”), an inability to concentrate for long periods of time on reading and/or writing tasks, rushing through while reading or writing and, in the case of children, “giving up” on trying to do their schoolwork or homework.

These are all strategies to help them cope with the visual stress that they experience when working on white paper under bright lights. Wearing Irlen Spectral Filters helps them to focus more on the tasks required, as it reduces the amount of effort required to do their work. In addition, they are able to concentrate for longer, and maintain their attention to the task. Once these things start to happen, they become more motivated and this often results in increased self confidence.

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