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If you have qualifications in Teaching, Nursing, Counselling, Psychology or associated professions and would like to become a Certified Irlen Screener please complete the “Contact Us” page on this website.

We Offer Relief from a Visual Processing Disorder known as Irlen Syndrome .

Irlen Diagnostic Clinic offers an assessment of the presence and severity of a VISUAL PROCESSING DISORDER,  the symptoms of which are known as Irlen Syndrome. The problems with how the brain processes the information from the eyes is the result of one or more of the different wavelengths of light that are present in all white light (the colours of the rainbow).  Once determined that the symptoms are present, we then use a variety of overlays that FILTER OUT the troublesome wavelengths of light. Once the correctly coloured filter is  identified, the symptoms experienced will be removed. Each individual with symptoms is sensitive to particular colours, so the selection of the correct filter is essential to provide relief. These initial overlays are replaced by wearing glasses that are actually Spectral Filters that remove the offending wavelenghts of light. With their specifically tinted Spectral Filters, people can read, focus and understand what they are reading because their Visual Processing ability is restored.

We also offer coloured paper exercise books for students with Irlen Syndrome or those identified with dyslexia. These work because the coloured paper absorbs the offending wavelengths of light, so removing the distortions and discomfort that comes with white paper. These books are Australian made, using 70gsm paper printed with black lines for writing.

For children experiencing specific reading problems, we can sometimes offer strategies to help them overcome these difficulties.