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When children can read, their confidence soars

Irlen lenses can help relieve regular daily headaches from  working under bright lights


Irlen Diagnostic Clinic

Irlen Diagnostic Clinic Newcastle is a NDIS Registered Provider (#4050012024) supporting children who are struggling at school for no apparent reason or adults who cannot focus when reading. The teachers and parents of these children cannot understand why they are having problems reading. These children usually experience distortions of print when they are reading but THEY DO NOT SELF-REPORT because they do not realize that everyone else sees the words differently from them. They often cannot remember what they have read, and cannot recognize the same word when it appears on the next page. Our assessments involve the use of coloured overlays and specifically tinted Irlen Spectral Filters that are worn as glasses.

Adults can be helped too!

We also support ADULTS who are suffering from regular headaches, migraines, dizziness and/or nausea if they have not been identified as having a medical cause.

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