Learning Difficulties Newcastle

If you have a child that seems to “fall over their own feet”, then they may have a problem with depth perception, meaning that they have trouble judging distances. Children and adults with depth perception issues often have trouble hitting a ball with a bat, catching a ball on the full or be fearful of getting on and off escalators. If you are playing tennis with someone who seems to swing before the ball is close enough, it may be that they “see” the ball in a different position than its actual position. I have had conversations with parents who are teaching their child to drive and they have made comments like, “they don’t seem to be stopping quickly enough when we come up behind a car” or “I feel that they are going to drive into the roundabout when they should be stopping”. In both of these situations, it appears that the learner driver is “seeing” things in a different position than what they appear to be for the instructor. People with Irlen Syndrome can have these depth perception issues, but not everyone experiences this. If you have a child (or know someone who has a child) who falls into this category, and also seems to be underachieving at school for no apparent reason, then maybe Irlen Syndrome should be considered as a possible cause. It is best to have them tested and then you can either rule it out or in as the cause of the apparent clumsiness.

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