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Reading Difficulties Newcastle

Did you know that some children with Irlen can spell really well when they are asked to spell orally, but when they are asked to write the same words down, they do not get them correct and are often not even “near the mark”. This is because spelling orally does not require us to have a visual memory of the word, whereas to write it down correctly, we have to have a visual memory of what the word looks like. For most of us, when we write words down, we are actually copying from the words in our minds; in other words, we have a visual memory of the word and we are just “copying” those words from our brain to the paper. For people with Irlen, they often do not have a clear visual memory of the word, because when they have been trying to “learn” the words, they may have been blurry, shaking, fading, swirling, merging or disappearing. So, if your child has Irlen, and is a poor speller, this may explain their difficulties. In order to help them, just work on a few words at a time. If they have ten words a week to learn, ask the teacher if they can have a reduced number, maybe five per week, to reduce the amount of “new” information that they are trying to absorb. In my book, I have a number of hints and strategies to help you to help them to learn how to spell. You can find my book on my website or the website for my book which is 

Reading Difficulties Newcastle - Dyslexia & Irlen Syndrome - Irlen Diagnostic Clinic
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