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Reading Difficulties Newcastle

There was a Dad who came in with his child yesterday and he said that he (Dad) had ADHD. His child has been diagnosed with Irlen Syndrome, and was selecting his specifically tinted lenses. Dad had a look through the lenses as well. When he did, he said that he felt calm compared to how he felt before he put them on. He took them off again and noted the difference and when he put them back on again, he commented on the calm feeling that he was experiencing. This response is common for adults who come to see us. They often remark that they can’t believe that when they look through the lenses, their whole body relaxes, but particularly, their eyes. The AMEN Clinic in California does brain scans of people with many neurological conditions. The scan shown here is of the brain of a person who has been diagnosed with Irlen Syndrome and who normally wears Irlen lenses. In the top scan, the person is doing a concentrating task without their lenses, and you can see that there are many parts of the brain that are active. In the bottom scan, the person is doing the same task, but with their Irlen lenses on and you can see that there are less areas of the brain that are active than those in the top scan. This could explain the “calmness” that is reported by a large number of people when they put their Irlen lenses on.

Reading Difficulties Newcastle - Dyslexia & Irlen Syndrome - Irlen Diagnostic Clinic
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