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Comprehension Questions..

Some children have trouble with answering comprehension questions because they either don’t understand the question or don’t know how to “look for” the answer. Comprehension questions are designed to test whether a child can 1: find factual information in the passage (words are in the passage); 2: find hidden information (the words are not in the text); 3: work out what the writer is trying to say (what is the idea of the passage); 4: predict what might happen (use the information provided to work out what they “think” might happen); 5: give an opinion about what they have read in the passage (there is no right or wrong answer, but they need to justify their answer). Why not pick a small section of a book that your child is reading and make up some of these types of questions, and help them to find the answers… even if you don’t feel confident to do this, I am sure you can!

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