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Reading Difficulties Newcastle

Pencil grip….. Is it that important??

Have you even noticed how your child holds his/her pencil when writing? There are not many children that I see in the clinic that actually hold their pencil correctly. Most of them have no idea. It makes me wonder why this is not something that is considered important these days. Most parents probably don’t think it is important either, especially when you consider all of the other demands that are on children and parents both in and out of school. A lot of students experience tired arms and hands when doing a lot of writing. If they hold their pencil or pen incorrectly, then they are actually using more muscles in their arms than they would be using if they held their pen correctly. If they wrap their thumb over their second and third finger, they lose the natural flexibility that we have in our second finger (index) and thumb. Try it yourself and see if you can feel the difference! Once I show the kids the difference, they agree that it feels strange, (because they have never done that before), but also that it improves their writing.

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