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Reading Difficulties Newcastle

Irlen Syndrome and Dyslexia

Did you know that Irlen Syndrome is sometimes confused with dyslexia? Irlen Syndrome is not dyslexia, but many people (many teachers) believe that if a child (or adult) has Irlen Syndrome, then they have dyslexia, and that they are one and the same.

This is not the case… Irlen Syndrome is a visual processing problem that MAY cause dyslexia, but it MAY NOT either! Many people with Irlen Syndrome do not have reading difficulties but may experience other symptoms, but they simply believe that if they get tired after reading a few pages, “that is just how it is for me”. It is not until they come to the clinic with their child that they realise that they have Irlen Syndrome themselves and that their tiredness when reading is actually the result of that. So if a person does not have reading difficulties but has Irlen Syndrome, they may experience the following symptoms:

  • Headaches after reading a few pages
  • Sore eyes when reading
  • Falling asleep when reading
  • Having to reread sentences because they cannot remember what they have just read
  • Words becoming blurry and difficult to see clearly when reading for a long time.
  • Being able to read, but not enjoying reading.

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