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Irlen overlays are the first step in helping someone who has been identified as having Irlen Syndrome. Once the symptoms have been identified, the next step is to put the different coloured overlays over the printed page to see if it removes the visual distortions and discomfort being experienced by the client. It is really important that once the preferred coloured overlays are selected, that they are used to determine if they actually help the reading. The overlays are simply removing some of the wavelengths of light that are causing the distortions, but they help word recognition. It is like someone neding reading glasses, trying to read without them and then putting them on. The effect is immediate.


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Tuesday, 22 November 2016 20:13


Dyslexia is associated with reading difficulties for no apparent reason. If you look at the literal meaning of dyslexia, it is defined by the Collins English Dictionary as follows:

"a developmental disorder which can cause learning difficulty in one or more of the areas of reading, writing, and numeracy" 

It has a Nontechnicalname "word blindness"

Unfortunately, people who have been told that they have dyslexia, often have Irlen Syndrome, AND THAT IS WHAT IS CAUSING THEIR DYSLEXIA!

The symptoms of dyslexia have been variously described as words moving, reversing words, inserting words, omitting words, missing lines when reading as well as other things that happen for some people when reading. These symptoms are also the symptoms of Irlen Syndrome, which is a visual processing dysfunction. Visual processing occurs when our brain processes the visual signals sent to the visual cortex from our eyes. It is not a problem with our eyesight. 

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