Learning Difficulties Newcastle

I saw a young man today, who has had to leave school because he is unable to do what is required of him at school. He gets very tired at school (and did so today, while sitting under fluorescent lights in the clinic). He has had special help at school over the years, has had tutoring but has just not been able to cope with his schoolwork. It got to the stage where it was just no use for him to attend school so he is now attending the local TAFE college doing English English and maths. He was found to have severe symptoms of Irlen Syndrome and is particularly light sensitive. He selected a coloured overlay that helped him to see the words more clearly and also made his eyes feel more relaxed. He was able to read more fluently with the overlay and is looking forward to coming along to select the correctly tinted Irlen lenses. He obviously saw the difference that colour made so I am hoping that this is the first day of the rest of his life, where he can achieve his full potential. Without being diagnosed with Irlen, he would have continued to struggle and as we know, some of the young people who don’t achieve, despite trying really hard go “off the rails”, so I feel that he may have been saved from this potential outcome. His Mum was concerned about how he would react as she felt that he wasn’t really wanting to come along, but once he could see the difference, he was “hooked”. Another great story from the Irlen Diagnostic Clinic… and it is not over yet, as he is yet to get his lenses, which are going to make an even greater difference for him than what the overlay has done. So please pass on this good news story, particularly if you know of young people who think it’s not “cool” to wear coloured lenses.

Learning Difficulties Newcastle - Dyslexia & Irlen Syndrome - Irlen Diagnostic Clinic
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