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Learning Difficulties Newcastle

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Irlen Syndrome is Hereditary

Imagine being 6 year old and trying really hard to read from your school readers and also trying to show Mum and Dad that you can read (but in fact cannot achieve what is expected of you). I met such a child yesterday, and she was accompanied by her Dad who is a teacher. During our discussions, it became apparent that Dad also had problems with schoolwork and even now, only reads what he has to read! He does try from time to time to read a novel, but after only a short time, the words become unclear, and he has to work too hard to keep reading. He did not know that he had Irlen, but does now! His daughter was able to read much more fluently and accurately with the final overlay selected. She is now coming to get the Irlen lenses, so life should be easier for her at school from now on. Once again, it is so rewarding to be helping children (and adults) who have struggled to read efficiently. I love going to work!

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